Monday, July 4, 2011

Breaking Down the Sabbatical

It's hard to believe that it's already been 7 years since I started at Carleton University. I remember thinking about going on sabbatical - a major feature of becoming a University professor. Well, now the time has come, and along with the proposal , I've scheduled quite a bit of travel to visit with colleagues and to take some well deserved holiday time. So here's the tentative schedule

July 3-14: Cambridge, UK (EBI - Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann, University of Cambridge  - Robert Hoehndorf)
July 14-18: Vienna, Austria (Bio-ontologies, ISMB Tutorial)
July 18-August 7: Malta+Italy (Valletta, Catania, Salerno, Pompeii, Rome, Florence, Venice, Bologna, Pisa)
August 7-10: Finland (Tempere, Helsinki)
August 10-18: Iceland
August 18-29: Kyoto + Tokyo, Japan (Biohackathon 2011)
August 29-September 3: Madrid (Ontology Engineering Group : Alexander De Leon)
September 3-7: Heidelberg, Germany (COMBINE)
September 7-12: Ottawa (defense: Leonid Chepelev -> success!)
September 13-17: Nancy, France (INRIA/LORIA: Adrien Coulet)
September 19: Volendam (OpenPHACTS/Gen2Phen meeting on open data)
September 17-October 1: Paris, St Malo, Bordeaux, London (travel with parents)
October 1-11: Ottawa, Canada (defense: Natalia Villaneuva-Rosales -> success!)
October 11-December 1: Conception, Chile (Universite de Conception Leo Ferres)
December 1-December 23: Santiago, San Pedro de Atacama, Mendoza, Buenos Aires, Colonia, Punta del Diablo and Montevideo)
December 24-January 31: Toronto, Ottawa
February - March: Stanford university (Nigam Shah, Mark Musen)
April - June : India, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Singapore ?

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